Novavax: Coronavirus Vaccine 90% Effective in Trial, Offers Protection Against Variants

With three coronavirus vaccines in use in the U.S., there likely won’t be demand for a fourth vaccine option by the time the Novavax vaccine goes through the regulatory process.

It also showed 93% efficacy against predominantly circulating variants of concern and variants of interest, though the press release did not break down the efficacy by variant, so it’s efficacy against the concerning Delta variant circulating in India is unknown.

An analysis of the vaccine’s trial in the United Kingdom showed that it was 86% effective against the Alpha variant first identified in Britain, while data from a small trial in South Africa showed the vaccine was 48% effective against the Beta variant circulating there.

“These data show consistent, high levels of efficacy and reaffirm the ability of the vaccine to prevent COVID-19 amid ongoing genetic evolution of the virus,” Gregory Glenn, Novavax’s president of research and development, said in a statement. “Our vaccine will be a critical part of the solution to COVID-19 and we are grateful to the study participants and trial staff who made this study possible, as well as our supporters, including the U.S. Government.”

Preliminary safety data showed the vaccine was “generally well-tolerated,” according to the company.

Novavax plans to file for regulatory approval in the third quarter of the year, which begins in July. The U.S. already has three coronavirus vaccines in use under emergency use authorization with enough supply for every American. By the time Novavax goes through the regulatory process, the U.S. likely won’t have demand for a fourth vaccine option.  ReadMore

Source : usnews

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